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Our Farms

The MTE Farms are situated in the Lower Orange River Valley, South Africa. These farms have a relative unique potential to develop approximately 3800 hectars for growing export apples, pears, table grapes and citrus (oranges, lemons and grapefruit) by using hydro power for the irrigation there-of. Plums peaches and cherries also grown seasonally. The farm is situated roughly on the longitude 20° 46 and latitude 28° 46. The southern boundary of the farm is formed by the Orange River, the largest river in South Africa.

The Valley enjoys summer rainfall with a yearly average of approximately 120mm rainfall and average annual evaporation amounts to approximately 3300mm. The average day temperature in summer is up to 42° C, and night temperature in Winter sometimes drops just below freezing point. The habitation in the Valley is almost desert-like. Water from the river is the life-spring of the valley. Dams, built in the catchment areas supply enough constant water for all developments along the boundaries all year around.

Who We Are

From our humble beginnings way back in 1987, we have grown into the largest grower, packer and exporter of South African fresh fruits. Respected internationally as a trusted supplier, we reliably service your fruit programs, be it overseas or at home, with great quality fruit.

Matuge Farm provides certified fresh fruits to international, independent and small-chain retailers, wholesalers and restaurants.

Why Us

  • At MTE Farm Pty Ltd,  we believe that business transparency is the key to building strong and long-term relationships with clients.  Through experience and understanding of the fruit industry, we are able to provide every client with smart, innovative solutions that are tailor-made to suit your needs.

  • We push the boundaries. We think different. We measure success by results, nothing else counts.
  • We do this by controlling every aspect of the value chain and keeping operations simple and measurable.
  • In addition to the great fruit that we produce; we procure top quality fruit from reliable partner suppliers across the world. Giving you great quality fruit all year round.
  • We are vigilant. We keep abreast of developments in international trade and we watch our competitors closely. After all, we couldn’t be innovative if we didn’t.
  • We have long standing relationships with major air and sea freight carriers. This allows us to utilise the most direct and effective transport solutions, meaning orders always arrive in the freshest condition.